The WEB3 Project
The First and Only DUAL Rebase Protocol
• Sustainable. Backed by the WTFund and Project Utilities
• Wrap and Lock to earn $WUSD, get access to Quantum Investing, and exclusive NFTs
• DUAL REBASING, steadily increase the amount and value of your Hodlings
for the next 3 years, earn passively up to
Thanks to our 1% daily rebase buyback


At the vanguard of DeFi, GameFi and Social Finance.

"Things are only impossible, until they are not"

A frictionless all in one platform
Everything you might want,
all in the same place,
all powered by blockchain technology.

      No unwanted data collection
      No 3rd party profiting from your information
      No censorship

Just WEB3. 
Have everything you might want, all in the same place, all powered by blockchain technology. In Whistle you will be able to:
      Send a public whistle, a private whistle, or participate on group whistles
      Share your moments, whether is live, pictures, or videos
      Pay in any store, shop online and send/receive money anytime, anywhere, permissionless.
      See what's really trending, participate on paid polls and use the latest charting tech to follow your favorite assets
      Play your favorite games or attend events and have credible and verifiable proof you actually beat that boss or were at that party!
      Own everything that is yours, and sell it on TW3P's multi-chain marketplace if you wish.
And much more...
No unwanted data collection, no 3rd party profiting from your information, no censorship. Just WEB3.
Get Involved
In a carefully designed token
Developed to provide maximum sustainable returns $WEB3 key features are:

      Web3 Trust Fund (WTF)
      Web3 Auto-Staking Protocol (WASP)
      Web3 Healthy Auto-Liquidity Engine (WHALE)
      The Black Hole

Buy Tax: 14%
Sell Tax: 16%


New worlds filled with possibilities
Own exclusive NFT collections that uniquely interact with the ecosystem.

One of its kind avatar creator where every piece features a bonus like reduced transaction tax.

Trade it on our Marketplace or put it up for rent and earn passive income from your unique digital asset value.


To a thriving community
Build what is yet to come, as a community, we are in this together on every step of the way.

      Stake wWEB3 and earn pWEB3. Use them on The Point Shop
      Participate in the Quantum Investing DAO
      Enjoy community events for fun and good times

We are building what is further beyond, don't just watch it happen, be a part of it!
Join us
in our mission to push the boundaries of what's possible