The Web3 Project

Become a founder of the new era!

Become a founder of
the new era!

Everything we do is built on community empowerment. The next generation of the web is shifting power from big tech companies to individual users. Capture value, be an early adopter and own $TWEP!


An intuitive all in one platform

Whistle is a beautifully crafted super-app, open to everyone, with great opportunities and experiences. Simple to use, user-centered design, integrated with the TWEP ecosystem.

Own and monetize your activity as you choose!

The core of the Ecosystem

$TWEP token rewards its holders with automatic passive interest payments every 3 seconds.

Providing maximum sustainable returns

Earn 20% APY just for Holding

Enjoy 30% Annual Price Boost

made possible with our WARP™ Technology

Circuit Breaker ™

mitigates panic sell-offs

Buy Tax: 0%
Sell Tax: 11%

NFT marketplace

New worlds filled
with possibilities

Create and own exclusive NFT collections that uniquely interact with the TWEP ecosystem, with bonus features like reduced sell tax.

Trade it on our Marketplace or put it up for rent and earn passive income from your digital asset's value.


Community focused on building wealth

Be part of the TWEP community harnessing the full power of new web to create extraordinary value!

⬩ Stake WWEB3 and earn PWEB3
⬩ Enjoy exclusive community events
⬩ Revolutionary coffeehouse with Web3 flavors
⬩ Quantum Investing DAO

Join us! Get ahead in the new web3 world!

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